Why Are They Nofollow?

nofollow backlink

A follow backlink technically behaves like a normal one but has the added ability to increase its ranking by improving its page rank. A follow hyperlink effectively passes on link juice from the associated website to the linked site when included on a blog. However, a follow backlink does not pass any link juice from the related domain to your website. Because of this simple explanation, it’s easy for people to believe that nofollow backlinks are actually better than following ones. Here’s why nofollow backlink strategies work and why they should be used in your SEO efforts.

A follow backing allows you to achieve two important goals. The first goal is to maintain high search engine rankings. If search engines recognize that you’ve included your domains in your websites or blogs, it tells Google and other crawlers that your websites are worth supporting. This, in turn, will improve your website’s rankings and position your website closer to the top of the search engine results.

The second major goal is to improve your page rank. Nofollow backlinks decrease link juice since Google considers them as spam. As mentioned above, this also decreases your page rank. To counter this, you want to make sure that you include your domains or other websites within your blogs, websites, or forums so that Google can identify where your anchor text came from.

There are several ways to accomplish both of these goals. You can use one-way blogs or one-way forum posts to send nofollow backlink traffic. You can also try sending inbound links from forums that are related to your niche. You can build a forum reputation by providing excellent content and helping other members. This builds link juice and, at times, even encourages them to do follow backlinks for you.

Your blog or website can be linked to other blogs and websites in your niche. It’s a good idea to put nofollow links on your own blog and websites similar to yours. For example, instead of just having your main domain name embedded into the anchor text, you can have your domain name enclosed. To create a natural link profile, you can choose to have your most important keywords appear in your anchor text. This creates an instant natural link profile.

Your forum posts and comments can be used to create nofollow backlink profiles. This will increase your rankings with Google, as well as with other search engines. These posts and comments are not counted as one-way links with Google. However, when other sites pick these up, they will count as backing for your site.

Using directories is also important for boosting nofollow backlink positions. A directory is where web admins list web pages that may need to be linked. There are several different types of directories, including paid directories and free directories. Search engine optimization experts generally ignore free directories because they have a poor page rank. However, they are ideal for boosting backlink positions because there isn’t much competition on the site.

One way to get around the nofollow attribute is to use keywords with do-follow attributes instead of nofollow attributes. Backlinks from the nofollow directory are only counted once, making it impossible to gain a high ranking from a site with nofollow linking. The only drawback of this strategy is that search engines generally frown upon this. If the nofollow backlink is within the HTML coding of the page, the search engine may consider the linking to be invalid. Getting around nofollow tackling issues is possible but requires knowledge of search engine optimization, nofollow code, and the difference between the various types of backlinking. Read Full Review Here.